PHAT GAFFA by Pro Sound Productionsphat gaffa tape

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We have created the ideal gaffa tape that does not leave the slimy residue even after extended time and heat, a gaffa that does not attract lighting flares & glares on stage, a gaffa that tears easier, a gaffa that lets go when you want it to yet is strong, a high quality satin black, white, grey or red gaffa that seamlessly blends into the stage environment, a gaffa that is easily split to give you 80m of 1.5 inches and finally a gaffa that gives you that extra inch just when you need it... PHAT GAFFA is quite simply "Tha Phattest Gaffa Around".

Phat gaffa is the ideal working partner for transient stage setups with a quick release design, you’ll be so impressed with our gaffa that we offer a 100% money back guarantee of customer satisfaction. Order your own roll today.

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