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The Pro Sound Foundation is a private N.-P.-O. established in 2021 and provides specialised community services within, acoustical, audio-visual and waves industries within Australia. The core of

this communtiy arm operates independent from the company PRO SOUND PRODUCTIONS PY LTD and draws strength from industry partners and participants who generously contribute and collaborate including (not limited to) products, services development within fields of all things waves for development in Australia and abroad.

Through it's participants, partners and contributors Pro Sound Foundation is able to offer every service and product within it's industries to assist special works projects which seek to further the limits of knowledge for the benefit of planet-earth.

Our community organisation has a special interest in the following:

- Support in acoustics and a/v for organisations that serve and assist the community.

- Development of experimental acoustical environments.

- Experimental design for specialised protective sonic environmental systems and technologies.

- Experimentation in waves propagation and attenuation.

- Sponsorship of live community audiovisual events.

- Sponsorship of specialty and experimental acoustic projects.

Research Projects - NOW-sound (The science of sound/light).

Our current research projects and experiments are a product of the NOW-SOUND core think-tank, consisting of specialists from many sectors of industry in a diverse-range of fields. The core group is currently selected and led by research coordinator: Shannon: De-Bie. NOW-SOUND Director and P.-S.-F. Chairman.

FEATURE Project OF 2023:

Warburton Community Studio Project:

In partnership with Wilurarra Creative, the Pro Sound Foundation commenced a bold project to create a community Studio for the indigenous people of Warburton and surrounding communities where musicians to play as a band a record.

The Foundation has generously provided the acoustic materials for Wilurarra Creative to convert an existing shed into the studio space. Due to the isolated location of Warburton we were able to transit the acoustic products free of charge thanks to Ngaanyatjarra Agency and Transport Service.

Watch this space for updates on this exciting project.

NOW-SOUND 2022/23:

A Sonic-Experience Presented by: Shannon. De-Bie. Chairman of the Pro-Sound-Foundation. Hosted by: Simon: Gray. The research arm of Pro Sound Foundation is NOW-SOUND exploring the limits of Sound and light with it's foundations of vibration. The NOW-SOUND experience is a must for those seeking the deeper roots and understanding of sound and vibration, it's origins, power and purpose in creation.

Featuring Key and introductory information on the following areas: Extremes of Sound and Light, Binaural-Fields, Scalar-Waves, DNA-Resonance, Earth-Pulse, EMF-Impact, Water-Memory, Isochronic-Beats, Sonoluminescence, Sonic-Geometry, Digital & Analogue, Oscillation, Entrainment, 432hz-Immersion And much more.

NOW-SOUND 2022 Presentation.
NOW-SOUND 2023 Presentation.


Perth Pianists ProjectAfter a generous donation of the Danemann 7 foot Concert Grand Piano from the City of Perth to the Pro Sound Foundation, the committee launched PROJECT 432. The near 70 year old grand piano was based on the Floor 11 Civic Reception Function Room of the Council-House building and underwent radical experimental upgrades, and renovations by the Foundation becoming the first concert-grand-piano to be tuned in the novel tuning A=432Hz in the Precise-Temperament.

Pictured here is the Foundation Chairman: Shannon: De-Bie. with City of Perth official Ms: Lorne Gateley for the handing over of the piano to the Foundation. Shannon was the in-house pianist for City of Perth for 14 years commencing the year 2000 performing countless civic ceremonies and receptions on this very piano. :Shannon's. very first performance on the Danemann was for special guest Dr. Horst Bächmann (Ambassador of Germany to Australia) performing an original piano duo arrangement and improvisations of the Beethoven Piano Sonata No. 14 (Quasi una fantasia) featuring Shane Elliot on Double Bass.

Project-432 featured in NOW-SOUND-2022 as the final segment in session 2 of the live sonic-experience. The segment was released fior public view 16 Jan, 2023. To watch the video click here.

For more information on the Project 432 Concert Series or to reserve your ticket for the NOW-SOUND-2023 please contact us here.

OTHER Projects & Sponsorships

Samphire Resort Rottnest:

Pro Sound FoundationSamphire Resort's historic and iconic Bayside building on Rottnest island partnered with the Pro Sound Foundation for the acquisition of acoustic design and local contractors to renovate their function space into a modern acoustically treated facility.

The main function space can now handle large capacity patrons without bleeding sound into the 5-star resort.

Stage 1 of 2 works are now complete with the Pro Sound team heading back soon for round two to assist in the BOH renovations.


Pandy Candy:

Panda Candy StudioThe owners of Panda Candy Glenn Sarangapany, Ian Berney and Scott Robinson reached out to the foundation chairman: Shannon. back in mid-2021 after their purchase of an entire Northbridge apartment floor. Bare-Concrete reverberation madness was the foundations of this piece of studio art.

12 months later and the Foundation engaged local builder Lee Bramley of iBuild Solutions to lead a diverse team working through the foundations experimental acoustic designs. After months of careful work handing over the Panda-Candy facility ready for reference and production of arguably the best studio space in West-Oz.

Triangle madness with black on black being the foundational palette for the boys to work with, the facility is now home to some of the first ever experimental acoustic systems using Pro-Sound-Acylics combined with timber diffusion, custom bass trap systems using Autex-Acoustics absorption.

The Panda-Candy boys have been incredibly creative with the facility furnishings and themes, it is just a mind-blowingly awesome studio facility and artists will be totally blown away and enjoy recording there.

Special thanks to Simon Gray who headed up much of the acoustics install with a million cuts of triangles. It was well worth it.

The Foundation are very thankful for the continued support of the Panda-Candy boys.

For more info or to book Panda Candy Please contact the boys here!

The Cut Country-Club Dawesville

The Cut Dawesville A/V and Acoustic WorksThe team at The Cut Country-Club Dawesville have commenced a bold new project to provide the community with an outdoor concert entertainment venue which will include an amphitheater style outdoor covered stage surrounded by the classic "Cut" green for community concerts and events. Also included is an interior acoustic and audiovisual renovation of the existing country-club which will provide locals with a venue that will support artists and entertainers with a fully equipped professional venue. The Pro Sound team are assisting with venue a/v and acoustics design and provision of specialised materials and man-power to get the project kicked along.


The Swan Brewery Acoustic Fit-out

heritage acoustic fitoutAfter the successful re-modelling and internal renovation of the Old Swan Brewery, it's now time to address the acoustic issues of this famous heritage venue, the Minderoo Foundation has engaged the Pro Sound Foundation for design and supply of the acoustic issues. Bringing much needed reverberation improvements to key spaces which are now a bustling open office commerce machines. The Pro Sound Foundation are able to bring expertise and the highest level of professionalism required to bring a long lasting acoustic solution with sensitivity to heritage finishes which have been preserved throughout the renovation.



Limelight Theatre Acoustic Renovation

The iconic and historic not for profit community theater based in Wanneroo has faithfully served the community providing thousands of shows throughout it's vibrant history. Now it's time for the community to get behind this exciting project sponsored by the Pro Sound Foundation and get this venue acoustically renovated into the 21st century where it can provide state of the art technology combined with professional theatre acoustics suitable for any modern day theater production while supporting the events and entertainment industries. The Limelight Theatre has already received generous contributions in lighting so the audio and acoustic renovation will be the icing on the cake making this a very sort after venue for a variety of community event bookings.

If you would like to learn more, contribute or get involved in this project please Contact us.

Proposed Renders (Rev1 - public release approved, pdf password "limelight") click here

Technical Drawings (Rev1 - public release approved, pdf password "limelight")  click here

Southern Hemisphere CentreForce Family

Thanks to the good people & their kind generosity of WASBF, Pro Sound Foundation & The Civic hotel Inglewood. A new musical story in Perth is about to start. Here is our story so far.

Like many hundreds and thousands of people around the world, Perth arts industry was brought to its knees early part of last year. Although Perth has remained overall well protected and has not suffered mass disruption and loss of life unlike many other countries. The arts industry is struggling to get up and running again.

Without people or organizations like WASBF & Pro Sound Foundation, quite frankly there just wouldn’t be any chance of ‘The Southern Hemisphere CentreForce Family’ comprehending holding a free community music event in 2021.

Click here to see more existing projects we have completed.

Download the Community Subsidised Works Grant Application here.


For the community resources pages and various community projects supported by the Pro Sound Foundation CLICK HERE


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