Phat Gaffa ®

    [PLEASE NOTE: Currently Limited or no stock as we transition from China to Australian manufacturing:]

    A non-reflective matte finish vinyl coated cloth tape with excellent adhesive properties. It is primarily designed for theatres and the entertainment industry in general. Phat Gaffa can also be used in photography, lighting, TV & film industries, stage props, and general purpose use.

    Phat Gaffa is intended for indoor use securing cables to staging surfaces (carpet and timber), however it is useful for a variety of outdoor purposes.

    "Why is Phat Gaffa the Theatre Technicians choice in gaffa?"... Plenty of reasons but primarily it is not overly tacky so does not rip up the stage surface or polished floors after a production and the matte finish is lighting friendly.

    Features and Benefits

    • 3 inches wide! Hence the name “Phat”, ideal for securing multicores, multiple floor cables or securing carpet and dance mats to staging blocks.
    • Unlike its rivals Phat Gaffa DOES NOT leave a slimy residue making packdown quick and painless!
    • The matt black finish seamlessly blends into the stage environment and does not attract lighting flares.
    • A very strong waterproof vinyl coating provides a quality finish.
    • Turn 40m into 80m, Phat Gaffa can be easily split effectively doubling the tape length. The 1.5” split is Ideal for taping cables to speaker stands, lighting trees and trusses ect.


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    $27.50 each (inc GST)
    was $31.95