Phat Gaffa Tape

[Phat Gaffa ® TapePhat Gaffa

The ideal gaffa tape that does not leave the slimy residue, a matte gaffa that does not attract lighting flares & glares on stage, a gaffa that tears easier, a gaffa that lets go when you want it to yet is strong, a high quality satin gaffa that seamlessly blends into the stage environment, a gaffa that is easily split to give you 80m of 1.5 inches and finally a gaffa that gives you that extra inch just when you need it. PHAT GAFFA ® is the technician's choice in gaffer tapes.

Phat Gaffa ® was created in 2011 specifically for the entertainment industry and now has residency in some of the world's largest theaters and entertainment complexes. Phat gaffa is the ideal working partner for transient production sets with a low tack quick release design, when it comes to indoor technical production there is none that compare to Phat Gaffa Tape.

Phat Gaffa

What are the Features & Benefits?

  • 3 inches phat - 40 linear meters per roll, ideal for securing multicores, multiple floor cables or securing carpet to staging blocks
  • No slimy residue - after release making pack-down quick and painless and leaves equipment spotless
  • Matte finish - seamlessly blends into the stage environment and does not attract lighting flares and glares
  • Low Tack - Quick release design, after a hard night's work Phat Gaffa will let go with minimal effort and leave the paint on the stage
  • Easy tear - turn 40m into 80m, the 1.5” split is Ideal for marking stage edging / thrust, secure cables to trussing, speaker stands and lighting trees
  • Available in - Black, White and Grey

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* Disclaimer: Pro Sound Productions will not be held liable for any illegal use of Phat Gaffa this includes hanging/suspending/supporting audio and lighting equipment without the specified rigging aparatuses designed for hanging/suspending and supporting. The use of binding persons without their given consent.]