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Shannon de Bie : Shannon’s. experience in the Australian Audio and Music Industries spans nearly 3 decades including 14 years in the Secondary Education System specialising in Music and Audio Production, this experience has shaped much of the current vision of how NOW-SOUND / Pro Sound relates to industry and client needs: Shannon. is the developer and trademark owner of Phat Gaffa ® Tape which is now the theatre technicians choice in gaffa tapes.

: Shannon. was a former member of the Western Australian Teacher's Registration Board (WATRB) and worked as the Director of Music and Music HOLA at St Stephen's School between 2008 - 2014 and Secondary Music and Media Teacher at Lake Joondalup Baptist College between 2000 and 2007.

A professional working and touring multi-instrumentalist with 2 Bachelor degrees in Music (WAAPA) and won the 2005 WAMi awards for song of the year. : Shannon. was also the resident pianist for City of Perth from 2000 to 2014 performing for all civic receptions and international dignitaries held at the Perth Council and Government Houses, Western Australia.

: Shannon. is sound engineer and keyboardist for a number of Professional Australian bands, artists and Tributes including Slim Jim & The PHATTS, Kisstake, Proof the band, The Mod Squad, Backbeat, The Fit Swimmers, AbbaFab and former backing vocalist for Australia's most successful touring tribute band to Queen and Freddie Mercury Bohemian Rhapsody fronted by Australia's Got Talent finalist Thomas Crane. Bohemian Rhapsody tour nationally to sellout crowds and are the regular headline act at the Noosa International Food & Wine festival.

: Shannon's. current directorate in NOW-SOUND is driven by his areas of study based on an auto-didactic nature focusing on Acoustics, the Sensory-Systems (Auditory-Periphery Major), Crystallography and Electromagnetics through the Massachusetts Institute of Technology: MIT OpenCourseWare initiative.


shannon de bieMEDIA RELEASE 2005

HEAVY rock songwriters from the [Perth] northern suburbs featured heavily in this year's State music industry awards. Shannon de Bie, of Marangaroo, and Jarryd Bird, of Kingsley, were among four nominees who contested the Heavy Rock and Metal category at the 2005 WAMi awards. De Bie emerged as winner at the October 27 awards ceremony. Secondary music teacher de Bie has performed professionally since he was 19 and studied at the WA Conservatorium of Music, completing a Bachelor of Arts (Jazz) and Bachelor of Music (Education/Classical Piano) last year.

"I’ve studied Jazz for the past five years and now I can write what I want to write rather than what was required for the course," de Bie said. De Bie's favored styles of music range all the way from Classical to Metal but he said he could still find a connection. "I think Bach's melodic phrases can be heard in bands like Metallica, you can hear links," de Bie said. His main musical influences were Rage Against the Machine, Metallica, Bach and Beethoven. "Currently I'm performing in a Jazz trio but my main passion is composing in [progressive] rock metal style[s] and I'm also passionate about Classical orchestra style."

De Bie said he was ecstatic when he received word of his nomination. "I was absolutely blown away when I got the initial news, its great exposure," he said. The first-time nominee said his composition Falling was written for a friend stuck in a rut with drugs. "The song is about throwing your life away with drugs," he said. "It's also a reflection on my own [past] life as well, and how I escaped that lifestyle."

"In the tradition of Johann Sebastian Bach may my life and music be to the glory of God."

jira-sound epEXCERPT from JAZZ AUSTRALIA

Born and raised in Perth Western Australia. Shannon began playing the piano at age three, and began Classical Piano studies at the age of six. Completing his studies of Classical Piano at age 16 he studied the Blues and 1950s Rock Piano.

He commenced Jazz studies at the age of 23, then after a successful audition was accepted into WAAPA graduating 2004 a Bachelor of Arts (Jazz) and Bachelor of Music (Ed). Whilst there he received training in pianistic artistry from keyboard genius’ Andy Vance and Graham Wood.

In 2005 Shannon won the Western Australian Music Industry Awards ‘Song of the Year’ with his own composition ‘Falling’. In this genre, Jazz and traditional Bach harmony heavily influence his writing to create original harmonic textures.
This paved the way for a debut EP released in 2006 under the banner of Jira-Sound.

shannon de bieDEDICATION

"Many years ago I had the privilege of working with an Australian sound engineer and studio owner who could arguably produce the perfect sound and the perfect balance with minimal EQ adjustment. His fervor and passion for sound production ignited a vision in me that I am now able to step out.

So I would like to acknowledge the late Mr. John Villani for this inspiration where music and sound took on a new dimension in the form of art. My experience with John Villani transformed the sound engineer into the artist where creativity could be fully engaged working with the sound sources together all as one beautiful instrument. John leaves a legacy of one of Perth's greatest studios, Crank Studios'"


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Shannon de Bie