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Pro Sound are market leaders in the design and installation of Soundproofing in Perth and Western Australia. Providing a specialised service for the treatment of room to room privacy and general sound transmission issues in the home and workplace.

Our soundproofing installations cater for all areas of commercial and domestic issues ranging from soundproofing studio facilities, corporate office privacy, sensitive meeting room soundproofing, traffic noise, noisy neighbors and general issues in the home and workplace relating to sound transmission.

After a no-obligation site visit, test/measure and consultation we offer a complete design solution to cater for your soundproofing issues that we guarantee will work. All our treatments are group 1 fire rated and come with a 5 year installation warranty and 20 year certified product guarantee.

Our acoustic consultants and engineers provide custom solutions for the most complex and baffling soundproofing issues in the home and workplace.

Client Installation Portfolio (brief)...

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Installation Methods Tried and Tested:Wall Soundproofing

We draw from several years of industry experience within the field of acoustic sound/vibration. Soundproofing installation designs include double glazing, common partition wall ceiling extensions, soundproof walls (wall density modification), acoustic air-conditioning ducts, air-bleed control, soundproofing foam and specialised sound absorption materials such as acoustic insulation and broadband absorber materials.

Client testimonial...

“Pro Sound are market leaders in the supply and installation of acoustic treatments.  I’ve had the pleasure of working with owner and director Shannon de Bie over a number of projects and was impressed not only with his workmanship but also the core values of his business; honesty, integrity and professionalism”

Stuart Threadgold
Architect RAIA

Professional ConsultationShannon de Bie - Pro Sound Productions

Our Soundproofing services come under the banner of Acoustic Treatments, to view some of our installations portfolio and further information on acoustics please click here or for friendly advice or to book a no obligation quote and consultation, contact us now:

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