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[PA Systems EQing

Pro Sound Productions uses state of the art technologies combined with experienced audio technicians to tune, EQ and configure your PA system for maximum function of outboard gear and sound quality eliminating dangerous frequencies that cause unwanted feedback matching your system to the venue’s natural acoustic properties.

Often existing audio systems are not installed or setup correctly causing audio problems within the venue, Pro Sound Productions specialise in corrections and improvements so your setup can sound as intended by the manufacturer to work with the venue.

We also offer advice on pre-installation planning ensuring you get the right system for your venue and audio needs.

A standard PA System EQ and tweak includes the following: (Allow up to 3 hours)

  • System Audit and Room anaylsis
  • FOH EQ tweak
  • EQ tweak for all aux sends
  • Audio Management / Drive Rack system setup including:
    • Optimum crossover setting
    • Parametric EQ tweak
    • Speaker gains
    • Speaker time alignment (delay)
  • Phase Check of FOH speakers
  • Reset gain structures and channel strip for all audio inputs (As required)
  • Correct setting of Dynamics - Compressor/Limiting and Gates (As required)

Additional checks and corrections include:

  • Amplifier setup and settings
  • True Stereo image setup
  • Effects patching and setup
  • Outboard gear setup
  • System ground hums and buzzes
  • Use of correct leads
  • Speaker integrity and positioning
  • Microphone placement and positioning
  • Room Acoustic Treatment Consulting (If requested)
  • Any other checks as requested by the client

Signal generation during tweaks utilize pink noise and pure sine waves from 20Hz to 20Khz at times exceeding 120dBa (therefore it will be quite noisy!). Speaker crossovers are set to the optimum response of the speaker which varies on speaker age and audio system installed (Line Array, Point Source, Elements).

All in-house audio technicians are welcome to sit in during a tweak session.


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