DRUM SHIELD 1.2m high

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    DRUM SHIELD 1.2m high PDS-2

    Facts and Features

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    • High Quality Australian made
    • The strongest flat folding hinges (Flex-fold) in the global market, permanently fused to the acrylic
    • Significantly reduces the stage bleed
    • Full visual for the drummer
    • Folds flat for easy packup/packdown and storage
    • Built to last with heavy duty panels and joins that don't crack
    • Ships fully assembled and ready to go
    • Lightweight and packs flat for the road
    • 3 Year Warranty


    In the current high tech era, the science of live sound has grown prodigiously with advances in mic, speaker, monitoring, and PA technology, not to mention ticket prices. Backline amplification has shrunk as sound reinforcement has grown exponentially.

    This has led to a need to reduce the drummer's volume on stage on many venues, tours, bands, etc., without stifling his/her creativity and energy. Hence, audio prophylaxis for the drum set. To a soundman's delight, the assembled shield - made of clear acrylic panels - substantially isolates the drums acoustically from the other instruments.

    For best results add some of our acoustic Panels to the lower half of the internal shield, this will greatly reduce the build up of overtones and also assist in a cleaner FOH mix through the drum mics.

    We also supply custom shields at any size and scale, contact sales for a quote.

    $1,499.00 Each (inc GST)
    RRP: $1,662.00