DRUM SHIELD Diffraction Panels

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    DRUM SHIELD Diffraction Panels PDP-1

    Facts and Features

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    • High Quality Australian Made
    • High strength polycarbonate clips
    • Further reduces the cymbal spill from the shield
    • Full visual for the drummer
    • Fits any 6mm thickness acrylic panel
    • Lightweight and packs flat for the road
    • 3 Year Warranty


    The diffraction addon panels commonly known as deflector panels will take the standard acoustic drum shield to the next level, designed for professional drummers wanting to provide an additional barrier to the wall of sound produced by the entire kit.

    The Pro Sound team specifically developed this targeting sound diffraction which is where sound bends around a wall or barrier, lower frequencies diffract (bend) around a barrier much more easier than higher frequencies so the diffraction addon panel will significantly decrease the amount of cymbal and snare bleed over a standard drum shield barrier by raising the shield further and enclosing the upper opening.

    These are sold as a single difraction panel which ships with a protective film and 2x polycarbonate clips which slip onto any 6mm thickness acrylic panel. We also recommend purchasing the freestanding acoustic panels for the full pro stage experience.

    Do you need a custom number of diffraction panels for you drum shield/s - please contact sales for a discounted quote or request a package deal.

    $109.00 Each (inc GST)
    RRP: $129.00