Drum Shield Acoustic Panels

  • Drum Shield Acoustic Panels DS-QS 2400

    Facts and Features

    • High Quality 100% Australian Made
    • Reduces the stage bleed
    • Radically improves drum audio mic input quality
    • Folds flat for easy packup/packdown and storage
    • Group 1 fire and Impact rating


    Free standing AUTEX QS panels 50mm thickness for use in combination with any of the Pro Sound drum shield systems. The acoustic panels are made from 3 full AUTEX QS panels (2400 x 1200mm) and cut in half to create 6x panels each 600mm wide. Heavy-duty fabric joins are adhered to the joins to creates 3 free standing systems that easily wraps around the rear of any drum kit. Max height of 2400mm, each panel is 600mm wide, with 6 full panels, shipped as 3 folding sections. This system can be cut down to suit the height of your drum shield and the off-cuts shipped with the panels.

    AUTEX QS panel 50mm thickness at 2400mm high absorbs the immediate acoustic reflections of the drum kit further reducing stage bleed, radically improving microphone reference quality.This is a drummer's delight making playing a pleasure by removing all harsh reflections providing a warm percussive tone.

    Available in over 30 colours on request. Visit here for all colours
    $1,399.00 Each (inc GST)
    RRP: $1,489.00