Acrylic Diffusion Cloud

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    Acrylic Diffusion Cloud AD-CLOUD

    Facts and Features

    • 100% Australian made and manufactured
    • Even sound dispersion for acoustic diffusion
    • Brightens room acoustics
    • 100% transparent system does not interfere with lighting
    • Ships flat packed anywhere in Australia
    • 2 person assembly/installation required


    The Acrylic Diffusion Cloud is an acoustic dispersion system for recording or performance spaces providing a unique player’s experience with maximum acoustic reproduction of instrumental dynamics. The Acrylic Diffusion Cloud has been acoustically designed and engineered with a simple goal to provide a room with the most unique and enjoyable performance experience for drummers and percussionists with instantaneous immersion of an instrument's natural overtones and harmonics.

    When combined with balanced acoustic absorption and hardwood floors the Acrylic Diffusion Cloud give a heightened sense of musical brightness and clarity while providing the feel of a live room. The acoustic energy generated by every strum, strike and/or hit is immediately diffused and evenly dispersed across the room allowing bands/ensembles to synergistically share and blend their detailed instrumental sound qualities with one-another.

    The Acrylic Diffusion Cloud is the highest quality Astari (Acrylic) Glass available. The system does not interfere with the ceiling’s existing aesthetics and lighting layout. The Acrylic Diffusion Cloud can be easily unclipped and removed from the space when desired and can be stored on it's side.

    The system ships flat packed nation-wide in 2 sections, fixings and essential rigging gear. Allow 10 days lead time for system delivery.



    $1,499.00 Each (inc GST)
    RRP: $1,499.00