[Acoustic Treatments SYDNEY [commencing service in nsw feb, 2025]

Acoustic treatment sydneyYes we at Pro Sound are expanding our operations to Sydney, NSW commencing supply and installations of what Pro Sound do best and that is acoustics solutions for all internal reverberation issues. Pro Sound are Australia's leading acousticians when it comes to the design and supply of unique and specialised audio facilities.

We provide the highest level of service when it comes to soundproofing and acoustic treatment installations. We service both residential and commercial sectors. Our installation designs are based on acoustics experience with an extensive comprehension of vibration, music/instrumental and physics of sound.

We provide the best possible acoustic solution based on our extensive experience, latest technologies, materials and available budget for a diverse range of challenging environments and venues including:

  • TV Studios, Radio and related Digital Broadcasting Facilities.
  • School Gyms and Multipurpose Halls.
  • Theaters & Performing Arts Facilities.
  • Boardrooms acoustics for the perfect video conferencing sound.
  • Residential Kitchen/Dining and general home reverberation issues, and much more.

We provide a complete solution tailored to your acoustic needs and budget. Our installation teams consist of the most highly creative professional and experienced specialists with a keen sense of excellence that make Pro Sound's acoustic services unique.

Industry testimonial...Soundproofing Installations Perth

“Shannon and Pro Sound were originally brought onboard with Autex to compliment an existing base of installers. but In a very short period of time, Shannon has gone on to be one of the very best, not only within WA but within Australia. His attention to detail and his mastering of installation techniques makes him second to none. Shannon has also gone on to take basic acoustic treatments and create spectacular works of art in design and creativity. He takes standard products and on-processes them into acoustic treatments specifically for recording, theatre and performance spaces that are significantly more advanced than any of his competitors. Shannon always shown such great care, pride and professionalism in his commercial projects and sets himself above and beyond the rest in the industry.

Kevin Moffat
Architectural Acoustics Educator [CPD & Keynote Acoustics Presenter]

Highly effective treatment designs for any venue...

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Marist Theatre - Newman College Regal Theatre - Acoustic Treatment Warehouse Acoustics Baptist Church Auditorium Treatment
Subiaco Arts Centre Sound Proofing Perth Acoustic treatment perth warehouse acoustics
Warehouse Acoustics      


Architectural Acoustics Perth Body Scape Boardroom Treatment HBF Store Acoustic Treatment
Lobby Treatment - Salvation Army Community Hall Treatment - Eagle Bay Church Hall Treatment State Library Mezzanine Treatment
Acoustic Treatment kitchen dining The Camfield Kings Square 4 Lobby Treatment Acoustic Treatment Crown Towers
warehouse acoustics residential acoustics    

STUDIOS - Broadcasting, Production, Recording and Rehearsal

Network 10 Studios Acoustic Treatment Crooked Beatz Production Studio Hot Fm - Bunbury Studios The Big Room - Superfreak Studios
Home Production Studio ECU Media Studio Radiowest Broadcasting Studio Kalgoorlie 80s Room - Superfreak Studos
Boom Digital Radio Radio West Esperance Superfreak Studios Recording Room School of Rock Studios
Studio Acoustics Studio Acoustics    


Hospitality Acoustics Crooked Beatz Production Studio Hot Fm - Bunbury Studios The Big Room - Superfreak Studios
Network 10 Studios Acoustic Treatment      


Foley Studio Acoustics Open Office Acoustics Gymnasium RT-60 Testing
Time Lapse Foley Studio - Cue Sound Open Office Acoustics - Time Lapse Video Acoustic Testing Before and After - RT-60

More Videos Here...


Pro Sound's Preferred Acoustic Products by Autex Industries and Ecoustic by Instyle:

Acoustic treatment installations perth ecoustic panel

 Autex and Ecoustic products offer unrivalled acoustic performance due to the compact nature of the panel achieving high NRC (Noise Reduction Coefficient) ratings in a thin panel. Also the velour and fabric facings finish produces a high end luxury look and feel which is easily cleaned and maintained.

Autex and Ecoustic acoustic products are manufactured in Australia, the naturally vermin resistant products have group 1 fire and impact ratings and use approx. 70% recycled materials. Due to the diverse range of acoustic products offered by Autex and Instyle, soundproofing and acoustic options are unlimited.

Panel Colours - QuietSpace and Ecoustic panels come in an array of colours and can also be custom printed with graphics, preset prints or patterns for an additional cost.

AUTEX Vertiface Colour Options Here

ECOUSTIC Felt Colour Options Here

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