: PRO SOUND LAB: [C/O the pro sound foundation]

Research Projects and Public Experiments in progress: (P=Public Release Info Available, IP=In-Progress, C=Classified, F=Study-Complete)
Collaborations and release papers. As some papers are still classified and in progress feel free to contact us for clearance of PRI. [UPDATED DAILY]


  • Live Alternative Performance Program (CONCERT DATE TBC in March 2023, DJ Artist collaboration: Southern-Cente-Force, encompassing 432hz, binaural/isochronic, entainment/oscilation, with audience monitor-control-group) - P
  • G-Panel [c©] (In collaboration with G-Booth/G-Tardis [c] Commenced Jan 2022) C
  • Project-Hemi-Sync (& The Pianist/Instrumentalist/Body-Schema) - C, IP
  • Isochronic/Binaural Analogue Programming (Commenced June 2005) IP/P
  • Pro-Sound-Acrylics Project Red-Light (Commenced June 2022, Osborne Park Manufacturing and national Labs) IP, C
  • Project-Stereocilia (Experimental Tenting Restoration, Cerebral Venous Thrombosis and Persistent Pulsatile, Information Available) IP

Research Projects Pending commission for further development and funding:

  • Project Resonance (Commenced June 2018, pending funding, Neural-Measuring-systems, Oscillation) C/IP/P
  • Neural Acoustic Field - C
  • Bio-Resonance Nodes/Modes (Commenced Jan, 2023) C


  • Project 432 (Current collaborations with Robert. E. Grant and Toni Mazzotti.) IP, P
  • The-Joshua-Frequency-Project C
  • 432 Reset. (Pending Admin Processes - ISO 1955 & Related 432 Syntax)

*We are in need of local, national and international technicians/researchers/enthusiasts to record and share the resonance in your location (Current Recordings for Winter Western-Australia are Tuesday mornings Mullaloo Beach 5:30am. Contact us to coordinate a team in your capital-city-location National Free-Call (Aus) 1800462533, International +61 416073012) 

The research team are very thankful for the generous donations and logistics contributions we receive which perpetuate our work for your pleasure with fun projects that really benefit the world in so many ways. Special credit to the international team at Autex-Global and Instyle for their provision of our best acoustic products/knowledge and unwavering support, thank you all so much!

Do you have the knowledge to contribute to what we are doing here, want to donate equipment or contribute financially? Yup we got a BIG list of perpetual gear needs. Let us know.