SENNHEISER E945 Vocal Microphone

  • SENNHEISER E945 Vocal Microphone E-945

    Facts and Features

    • Shure BETA58A Equivalent+
    • Rugged metal body
    • Excellent feedback rejection
    • High sound pressure handling capability
    • Shock-mounted capsule provides excellent suppression of handling noise
    • Consistent on-/off-axis response
    • Super-Cardioid pick-up pattern provides extreme isolation from stage noise
    • Hum compensating coil


    The e 945 is a super-cardioid lead vocal stage microphone specially designed to perform under pressure. With an extreme frequency response of 40Hz to 18KHz you can be sure that the E-945 will pick up every nuance of your voice.

    A professional microphone that cuts through the mix and offers a smooth, natural sound. Its warm tonal response is matched with rugged construction and excellent feedback rejection.

    The e 945 vocal microphopne also comes with a carry zip pouch and microphone clip

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    $229.00 Each (inc GST)
    RRP: $279.00