XTA Signal Processor GQ600

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    XTA Signal Processor GQ600 XTA-GQ600

    H.F Trim section with adjustable gain and frequency allows fast adjustments to be made to overall H.F response. This obviates the need for system re-voicing when, for example, changes in humidity or audience size occur.

    Filter design is carefully optimised for good interpolation and improved narrow band performance.

    Excellent noise and distortion performance.

    High quality long throw 45mm sliders are used, improving resolution whilst eliminating the need for range switching.
    Sweepable high-pass filter is provided.Inputs and outputs are fully electronically balanced as standard.

    A fixed frequency 18 dB/octave low-pass filter is provided for increasedH.F driver protection.

    Both XLR and Klippon "quick-wire" connectors are provided.
    Peak level indicators give prior warning of onset of clipping anywhere inthe equaliser.

    Relay fail-safe bypass is provided, with turn-on delay.

    Gain control and EQ in/out switch for each channel.

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