• Super8 NH-S8SB

    Facts and Features

    • Frequency Response -3dB 37Hz - 210Hz, -10dB 30Hz
    • Peak output @1M 112dB @65Hz, 106dB @40Hz
    • Amplifier Power 110W, 4 ohms, 0.5% THD
    • Amplifier Type BASH 
    • Inputs LFE RCA, L and R RCA and (speaker) high level
    • Inputs L and R RCA line, L and R Speaker Level, USB (for wireless signal and power Coming soon!)
    • Outputs L and R Speaker Level (LP filter 6dB/Oct 100Hz @ 8 ohms)
    • Adjustable Low Pass 60-150Hz
    • Phase 0-180 degrees 2 position switched
    • EQ Music/Movie (0dB, +3dB @58Hz)
    • Included Accessories 4 x aluminium cones, 4 x Aluminium levelling nuts, 4 x aluminium floor protector discs, Super 8 Setup Guide.
    • Cabinet Size 285mm x 285mm x 285mm (11.2inches x 11.2inches X 11.2inches)
    • Finish Black high gloss vinyl


    The new NHT Super8 subwoofer is specifically designed to match with bass-shy speakers. Specifically designed to be mated with the SuperZero 2.0, this is a match made in heaven.

    It’s high-performance without the high price tag. It will do a lot for your system. It will relieve your speakers of subsonic bass, feeing-up power on your main amplifier, as it is only performing midrange and high frequencies. It will allow placement of the subwoofer where it will sound the best. A larger speakers’ bass is stuck to the speaker placement. Your small monitors can be placed in more discrete locations.

    $699.00 (inc GST)
    RRP: $699.00