Classic Four Black

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    Classic Four Black NH-CL4BPAIR

    Facts and Features

    • Classic Four Floor stander
    • 1x10 inch driver 1x6inch driver
    • 1x2 inch
    • 3/4 inch tweeter
    • 250W power handling
    • 27Hz-20khz


    The Classic Four is NHT's flagship tower style loudspeaker. While the Classic Four may physically seem like a typical tower speaker, the Classic Four is actually a three-way Classic Three book shelf speaker housed on top of it's own, integrated 10" subwoofer stand.
    This design allows for the sleek imaging, detailed mid-range, and natural sound-staging of the Classic Three bookshelf speaker as well as the range and depth of a full tower speaker. In conjunction with a sufficiently powerful, high quality receiver or pre/power-amplifier setup, the Classic Four can fill a medium to large room with ease. Additionally, the Classic Four can take part in either a home theater system or in a reference 2-channel playback system.



    $3,889.00 Pair (inc GST)
    RRP: $3,889.00