• B-12D NH-B12D

    Facts and Features

    • Finish Piano Black High Gloss Paint
    • Cabinet Size 320mm x 320mm x 320mm (14inch x 14 inch x 14inch)
    • Cabinet Material 18mm MDF w/1mm interior aluminium lining
    • Frequency Response -3dB from 27Hz - 130Hz, -6dB @ 25Hz, -10dB @ 23Hz
    • Peek output @1M 120dB @58Hz, 115dB @40Hz, 112dB @30Hz
    • Amplifier Power 500W 4 ohms, .5% THD
    • Amplifier Type BASH
    • Inputs LFE on single RCA, L and R line level on RCA, USB (for wireless power and signal)
    • Outputs LFE on RCA
    • Adjustable Low Pass 50-130Hz
    • Phase 0-270 degrees continuously variable
    • EQ Boundary Control 3 position -3dB, 0, +3dB


    The B-12D is NHT’s superior subwoofer. The Iron fist in a velvet glove!

    An NHT custom made 300mm (12 Inch) laminated paper pulp woofer mounted in an acoustic suspension cabinet, no bigger that the outside of the woofer itself. NHT is so obsessed by reducing cabinet vibration that they have lined the inside of this enclosure with aluminium.

    NHT’s B-12d Acoustic suspension cabinet design uses AIR to damp the (drivers) speakers, better control for better sound. All NHT products benefit from Acoustic suspension design.

    It does require very specific design expertise that requires much tighter control over materials tolerances. The results are tight bass response, low distortion, high-power handling and controlled sub-sonic frequency response.

    This is crucial when seamlessly blending your speakers with this subwoofer. All NHT speakers’ benefits from a sealed enclosure / Acoustic Suspension design. The sealed design also means that by not having a port, placement is far easier, allowing it to slide into nooks where ported subs can’t.


    $1,399.00 (inc GST)
    RRP: $1,399.00