Deluxe Cinemascope 130

  • Deluxe Cinemascope 130 Deluxe Cinemascope 130

    Facts and Features

    • Viewing Size: 3038 x 1293
    • Overall Size: 3090 x 1345


    All screens are German made assembled here in Western Australia

    Deluxe Opera material is perfect for home theatre performance v cost

    Premium Gammalux material is a total block out, very important for large screens with 4K and 3D

    We can do thin black borders because of the high strength High grade materials used

    The Micro Perforated screens have over 1 million holes in a 120inch screen and yet only makes up 2%of the screen, this equates to a brighter image with extremely good acoustic performance

    $1,899.00 (inc GST)
    RRP: $1,899.00