NHT Absolute tower

  • NHT Absolute tower NH-CLATB

    Facts and Features

    • Absolute Tower Floor stander
    • 3 x 5.25"
    • 1" tweeter
    • 150W Power Handling
    • 58Hz-20kHz


    The Absolute Tower is the new sleek and affordable floor-standing speaker solution for high-performance music or home theater systems. The design joins together the Absolute Zero bookshelf mini-speaker with 2 newly designed 5.25" woofers (in a separate chamber) in a slender column-like enclosure.
    The Absolute Tower loudspeaker is an all-acoustic suspension design. Acoustic suspension designs utilize nature's perfect spring force, air, to damp and control the speaker motion like high performance shocks on a sports car. This significantly lowers distortion for long, fatigue-free listening and improves impulse response allowing subtle detail to be revealed, making everything sound more real. Acoustic suspension designs also allow incredible power handling.
    The Absolute Tower's floor standing cabinets are beautiful: delicate, yet incredibly robust. The Absolute Towers extensively braced cabinets are acoustically inert so unwanted cabinet vibrations will never be added to your music.



    $1,899.00 Pair (inc GST)
    RRP: $1,899.00