The Sound Tardis V3

  • The Sound Tardis V3 TARDIS-QSV3

    Facts and Features

    • Portable voice-over recording booth
    • Fully enclosed sound containment system
    • Simple assembly in under 10 minutes
    • Flat packs for easy transport
    • Maximum height of 2450mm
    • Advanced acoustic performance for high-end voice recording


    The Sound Tardis is a world first in fully enclosed professional portable recording systems using AUTEX Acoustics. The Sound Tardis is constructed using AUTEX QS Panel 50mm with coloured velour vertiface internal finish with 25mm QS panel internal reinforcement for maximum quality of speech reproduction and acoustic containment so you can track hard vocals at 3am without your neighbors banging down the door! The external finish of the Sound Tardis is standard MDF 6mm thickness (door 3mm) which is fully paintable.

    The Sound Tardis booth system has 3 main components which assembles in under 10 minutes with 2 people. With over 3 cubic meters of internal space there is enough room to track up to 4 people in true TARDIS comfort.

    The system also has outstanding acoustic performance when the door is open with an internal reverberation time (RT60) at under 0.2 seconds with the door open and 0.15 seconds with the door closed. Due to the compact flat pack ability the system ships Australia-wide at a very affordable rate.

    For vertiface colours visit web link here


    $3,999.00 each (inc GST)
    RRP: $3,999.00