Bass Block 600

  • Bass Block 600 BB600

    Facts and Features

    • Monster size Bass Trap
    • Australian made from Autex Acoustics
    • Sold as pair
    • Available in over 30 colours
    • NRC of 1.05


    Pro Sound's proprietary Bass block 600 systems are the most aggressive bass absorption acoustic corner traps available. Manufactured in over 30 colours with a high end velour facing.

    Each bass block pillar system consists of 50mm thick quietspace panel walls and 100% filled with Autex Baffleblock acoustic insulation with a 30% compression providing extended Low and low-mid frequency absorption (40-250Hz). Bass Block 600 are ideal for offsetting the acoustic problems associated with square or rectangle rooms and production suites specialising in heavy bass and low-end reproduction.

    The Bass Block 600 can free-stand anywhere in a room for broadband absorption or tuck hard into a corner where it will also do the most of low frequency acoustic energy absorption. This free-standing bass trap pillar is an essential component to creating an acoustically accurate square or rectangle box.

    For vertiface colours visit web link here


    $1,299.00 Pair (inc GST)
    RRP: $1,399.00