Anti Dickhead Spray

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    Anti Dickhead Spray ANTI-DKSPRAY

    Facts and Features

    • 100% pure Anti Dickhead formula proven to work!
    • Helps reduce stupid comments
    • Calms outbursts of irrational behaviour
    • Limits the chance of pregnancy by gripping the canister between your knees


    ANTI-DICKHEAD SPRAY is an easy to use handheld spray in a convenient 150 ml pump pack that can be used to reduce dickhead behaviour. ANTI-DICKHEAD SPRAY promotes positive changes in behaviour. It is a think before you act product. Anti-social and unacceptable behaviour appears far too often in the media. Everyday behaviour and statements by people around us can lead to problems such as domestic violence, violence towards women and children, drug and alcohol abuse and drink driving. The spray can be used as a fundraiser to bring about a greater awareness of these community issues.

    ANTI-DICKHEAD SPRAY makes the perfect gift for men, women and children of all ages. ANTI-DICKHEAD SPRAY packaging can be customised for sporting clubs, corporations, business, not for profit groups and charities etc. It can be specially ordered using the company/club logos and colours.

    DIRECTIONS FOR USE - Just spray the pleasantly fragrant ANTI-DICKHEAD SPRAY in the general direction of a dickhead (not directly in their face even if sorely tempted). Beware of flying objects!

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    $19.95 Each (inc GST)
    RRP: $28.95