Pro Sound Foundation

The “Pro Sound Foundation” is a private non-for profit, non-governmental organisation that provides specialised community service within the acoustical and audio-visual industries at a national level. The foundation is an independant entity that operates separate from Pro Sound Productions Pty Ltd and draws its strength from industry partners and participants who generously contribute into the foundation including products and services within the fields of acoustics and audiovisual development in Australia.

Through it's participants, partners and contributors the Pro Sound Foundation is able to offer every service and product within it's industries to assist special works projects within Australia under contract law (UCC) that seek to further the limits of acoustical knowledge and highly benfit the end-user.

The Pro Sound Foundation has a special interest in the following including highly classified and/or open source to the public:

- Support in acoustics and a/v for organisations that serve and assist the community

- Development of experimental acoustical environments

- Development of Classified acoustical materials and products for use in civil and offensive protection

- Experimental design for specialised protective sonic environments

- Experimentation in sound propagation and attenuation

- Sponsorship of live community audiovisual events

- Sponsorship of speciality and experimental acoustic projects

Projects & Sponsorships

The Cut Country-Club Dawesville

The Cut Dawesville A/V and Acoustic WorksThe team at The Cut Country-Club Dawesville have commenced a bold new project to provide the community with an outdoor concert entertainment venue which will include an amphitheatre style outdoor covered stage surrounded by the classic "Cut" green for community concerts and events. Also included is an interior acoustic and audiovisual renovation of the existing country-club which will provide locals with a venue that will support artists and entertainers with a fully equipped professional venue. The Pro Sound team are assisting with venue a/v and acoustics design and provision of specialised materials and man-power to get the project kicked along.


The Swan Brewery Acoustic Fit-out

heritage acoustic fitoutAfter the successful re-modelling and internal renovation of the Old Swan Brewery, it's now time to address the acoustic issues of this famous heritage venue, the Minderoo Foundation has engaged the Pro Sound Foundation for design and supply of the acoustic issues. Bringing much needed reverberation improvements to key spaces which are now a bustling open office commerce machines. The Pro Sound Foundation are able to bring expertise and the highest level of professionalism required to bring a long lasting acoustic solution with sensitivity to heritage finishes which have been preserved throughout the renovation.



Limelight Theatre Acoustic Renovation

The iconic and historic not for profit community theater based in Wanneroo has faithfully served the community providing thousands of shows throughout it's vibrant history. Now it's time for the community to get behind this exciting project sponsored by the Pro Sound Foundation and get this venue acoustically renovated into the 21st century where it can provide state of the art technology combined with professional theatre acoustics suitable for any modern day theater production while supporting the events and entertainment industries. The Limelight Theatre has already received generous contributions in lighting so the audio and acoustic renovation will be the icing on the cake making this a very sort after venue for a variety of community event bookings.

If you would like to learn more, contribute or get involved in this project please Contact us.

Proposed Renders (Rev1 - public release approved, pdf password "limelight") click here

Technical Drawings (Rev1 - public release approved, pdf password "limelight")  click here

Southern Hemisphere CentreForce Family

Thanks to the good people & their kind generosity of WASBF, Pro Sound Foundation & The Civic hotel Inglewood. A new musical story in Perth is about to start. Here is our story so far.

Like many hundreds and thousands of people around the world, Perth arts industry was brought to its knees early part of last year. Although Perth has remained overall well protected and has not suffered mass disruption and loss of life unlike many other countries. The arts industry is struggling to get up and running again.

Without people or organizations like WASBF & Pro Sound Foundation, quite frankly there just wouldn’t be any chance of ‘The Southern Hemisphere CentreForce Family’ comprehending holding a free community music event in 2021.

Ironically the SHCF group has been setup as a direct result of lockdown restrictions. Last April the vast majority of Perth city workforce were asked to work from home. These new surrounding brought new situations. One of which is the ability to play music whilst you are working from the comfort of your dining room table. So much so the radio industry has recorded a 250% rise month on month until December 2020. I’m sure you are fully aware, with your computer being connected to the internet. You are no longer restricted to the FM signal ability of just your local radio stations. You have the ability to tune into any radio station on the world wide web.

Perth is a proud multicultural community with large pockets of expats from all around the world. SHCF is made up of our local community members that share the same interest, in not only music but we all share the love for the same radio station, which is ‘CentreForce 883 DAB radio UK’. CentreForce radio was started in 1987 in east London as an underground pirate radio station. It was the must listen to radio station to find out info about the forth coming weekends parties by nearly all teenagers in and around the London area. By 1990 The radio station stopped broadcasting and laid dormant for the past 28 years. Then in 2018 the original owners of CentreForce got back together again and started an FM fully licensed radio station. The station has gone from strength to strength. Even switching across from FM signal to the new DAB digital signal.

Expats from the UK have been logging into the online app for CentreForce by the 100’s over the past 12 months. So much so that up until 6 months ago. Four days of the week the radio station would stop live broadcasting at midnight and play prerecorded shows until 6 – 7 o’clock am UK time. This time frame being the peak time for people tuning in from the southern hemisphere. The radio station moved quickly to fill this gap with new Dj’s for the Australian market. A new era was born with local UK down time being turned into WA breakfast time. The station now has live Dj’s 7 days a week 24 hours a day. To be able to communicate with their vast Lisners base.

This has opened up a whole new level of exposure. WASBF & Pro Sound Foundation is the first organization outside of the UK ever to be linked with CentreForce radio. In celebration of WASBF & Pro Sound Foundation sponsoring & working alongside SHCF on their first CentreForce ‘FREE’ family community event in Perth. CentreForce is linking WASBF to their hit Aussie breakfast show (Alex Little’s, Sunny side up breakfast show). Alex is Live every Thursday 8-10 am WA time.

The Southern Hemisphere CentreForce family event ‘on the streets’ is being held on the front terrace of the Civic Hotel, 981 Beaufort Street Inglewood, Perth. This is 100% FREE family friendly event starting at 15:00 – 21:00 on Saturday the 27th of March.

There is going to be live Dj’s playing an array of music from the late 80’s house, funk, soul, disco and rave. Music from the past, right through to the sounds of today.

For more info on this event click here.

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