Pro Sound Foundation





The “Pro Sound Foundation” is a private non-for profit, non-governmental organisation that provides specialised community service within the acoustical and audio-visual industries at a national level. The foundation draws its strength from industry partners and participants who generously contribute into the foundation including groundbreaking knowledge, products and services within the fields of acoustics and audio-visual developed in Australia.

Through it's participants, partners and contributors the Pro Sound Foundation is able to offer every service and product within it's industries to assist special works projects within Australia that seek to further the limits of acoustical knowledge and the concert audiovisual experience.

The foundation has a special interest in commissioned works funding, research and sponsorship that benefit the community and further our respective industries through the following:

- Development of Novel Acoustical Environments

- Development of Novel Acoustical Materials/Products

- Exploration of Novel acoustical knowledge

- Novel Experimental Design for live sonic environments

- Experimentation in sound propagation and attenuation from current unknown methodology


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