Professional Development

Pro Sound Productions offer training in our specialty areas of sound and audio. Workshops are 1 - 3 hours and can be tailored for your school needs. Costs range from $200 to $500 per session. Training is conducted on your school campus using existing or newly purchased equipment. Modules can be tailored for either beginner, intermediate, advanced or a combination of levels.


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Introduction to Sound Engineering and PA Systems Professional Development:

This PD covers the theory and practice of operating a PA system. It is split into two main sections of theory and practice. It is a very hands on practical and informative PD aimed at introductory level sound engineering and on completion participants will be competent in setting up and operating their own PA equipment safely and using the correct procedures.

  • Prerequisites (None)
  • Cost $330
  • Length 2-3 hours
  • Held on campus using school’s PA system
  • Certificate issued on completion for PL
  • Frequencies / EQing
  • Audiology/Hearing
  • Microphones
  • Channel Strip / Mixing Console Geography
  • Instrument roles / Panning & Mixing
  • PA Setup / General Console Operation