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Pro Sound is a collective group of businesses within the industries of acoustics and audiovisual with the parent company being Pro Sound Productions Pty Ltd, the main trading arm Pro Sound Acoustics, The Pro Sound Foundation and as of FY 2021/22 Pro Sound Construction. We proudly supply Australia-Wide by providing high quality services and products preferrable to Australian made in a sustainable manner with minimal negative footprint to our environment, this includes design utilizing minimal product offcuts/wastage, essential only vehicles and machinery/mechanical for our operations. Our key acoustic products are made from at least 70% recycled materials and our collective waste is again recycled where possible with minimal landfill thanks to our partnership with Instant Waste Management

As an organisation we put a very high value on providing our clients with an exceptionally professional service ensuring a high satisfaction with the products and services we supply which are in accordance with the latest fire and impact ratings and contain no chemical binders. As of 2016 our company made an executive decision to only use Class A rated emissions adhesives which have an extremely low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) count which are friendly to the environment and more importantly our customers health.

The business foundations were established by now company director Mr: Shannon: de-Bie. in the mid 1990s within professional recording studio operations, branching out to jingle and sound track production, talent and events hire, live sound production and as of 2011 full blown acoustics/av retail and installations. We have evolved to become the number one stop for acoustics with our own proprietary products and brands developed from : Shannon's. knowledge as a former WAAPA graduate and builder/designer of his own professional recording facilities.

Our key areas are sales and installation/design for acoustics and soundproofing systems, live A/V productions and now sustainable product development and research through our foundation. Our business can be summed up as a positive network of relationships all over Australia sharing our passions within the marketplace.

Shannon de Bie: Shannon: de-Bie.

Director of Pro Sound Productions PTY LTD

: Shannon’s. experience in the Australian Audio and Music Industries spans over 2 decades including 11 years in the Secondary Education System specialising in Music and Audio Production, this experience has shaped much of the current vision of how Pro Sound relates to industry and client needs: Shannon. is the developer and trademark owner of Phat Gaffa ® Tape which is now the theatre technicians choice in gaffa tapes.

: Shannon. was a former member of the Western Australian Teacher's Registration Board (WATRB) and worked as the Director of Music and Music HOLA at St Stephen's School between 2008 - 2012 and Secondary Music and...
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