About UsPro Sound Productions

Pro Sound is a family company based in Perth Western Australia. The business was established by now managing director Shannon de Bie in the mid 1990s as a recording studio based in Heathridge Western Australia branching out to musician/band hire, jingle and sound track production, live sound production and as of 2011 full blown audio/acoustic retail and installations.

Our key areas are sales and installation/design for acoustic and soundproofing systems and live A/V productions. Our business can be summed up as a positive network of relationships all over Australia sharing our passions in the marketplace.

our mission statement and values

Integrity, honesty, fair-dinkum service and advice, we don't claim to know it all and WILL NOT employ those who think they do. We will be very honest if we cannot help you, we do not undercut other companies, however our quoting and pricing is for the benefit of all parties, therefore our company must prosper and our clients must save money.

Shannon de BieShannon de Bie

Director of Pro Sound Productions PTY LTD

Shannon’s experience in the Australian Audio and Music Industries spans over 2 decades including 11 years in the Secondary Education System specialising in Music and Audio Production, this experience has shaped much of the current vision of how Pro Sound relates to industry and client needs. Shannon is the developer and trademark owner of Phat Gaffa ® Tape which is now the theatre technicians choice in gaffa tapes.

Shannon was a former member of the Western Australian Teacher's Registration Board (WATRB) and worked as the Director of Music and Music HOLA at St Stephen's School between 2008 - 2012 and Secondary Music and...
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